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Name: Lindzee
Age/birthday: 15, January 30th
Location: Oakland County, Mich
Sexuality:Female :) 


About You


what do you do for fun? I love hanging out with my boyfriend and friends, reading books, talkin on the comp and phone and makin stuff on the computer
do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/ (if you have a picture of them, post it here)Yess!! His names Ray heres a pic...
favorite bands/singers (x3)My chemical romance, Green Day and Simple Plan 
favorite movies (x3) Thirteen, Mean Girls and Ferris Bullers Day Off
favorite tv shows (x3) Room Raiders, O.C and Las Vegas
favorite stores (x3) Pac Sun, Rave and DEB
if you could meet any celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be? Angelina Jolie
name 3 things you can't live without: My family, friends and boyfriend
describe yourself in 3 words: Funny, Great personality and outgoing
tell us a secret: Now that I think about it I really dont have ne but theres one that I cant mention on the net if you wanna know just ask me in a comment in my LJ thanks srry :)




drugs Well I have seen what it can do to ppl and I dont think there a good idea at all because they can kill you or mess you up really bad!
religion Well I'm a christian soo yeah i belive in it lol
presidential electionUhh yeah because I mean do u want a leader that will take bad control over freedoms? 
indoor tanning LOVE IT!
abortion It depends I mean I just actually read a book about abortion (Annies Baby) and I think that if it was rape then there u have a choice but...if it wasnt I would let the parents decide!
rating communities I kinda like it cause I want to know what ppl's opinion is on me :) good or bad


community related


how did you find us? Under my profile and intrest
promote to 2 places and show proof (links): Well my Lj name and then click on my profile lol
what makes you dazzling and why should we accept you?Well I think for my age I'm really mature and from what ppl say I have a great personality and can be a great best friend 


show us 3 CLEAR pictures of yourself (no nude please)

Srry my eyes all wierd lol

there thats better

Thats old lol

**Hope u enjoy :)*

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