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Name: Danielle Nicole
Age/birthday: 15, 5/4/89
Location: Maryland
Sexuality: straight


About You -im energetic and different, stupidity bugs me for the most part. i dont fit into any specific "Scene" or clich. im not stupid but i have bad spelling. i dont know if im decent looking because i dont feel my friends are honest with me.


what do you do for fun? listen to music, play bass, guitar, piano. hang out with my friends alot, i love them.
do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/ (if you have a picture of them, post it here) broke up about a month ago
favorite bands/singers (x3) blink 182 (dig the poser punk), bad religion, dropkick murphys
favorite movies (x3) 10 things i hate about you, mall rats, empire records
favorite tv shows (x3) date my mom, dedicate live, power fuse
favorite stores (x3) forever 21, internet, tower records
if you could meet any celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be? greg graffin
name 3 things you can't live without:  music, friends, food
describe yourself in 3 words: short, sarcastic, unique
tell us a secret: im very open, i dont really have any..... u might consider a secret: i still like my ex boyfriend alot




drugs -i drink but no drugs
religion -im athiest but i dont press it on anyone, i really dont appreciate when christianity is pressed on me. i have my reasons for what i chose and you cant chose to dislike a person for their opinion they cant control. ultimately, dont judge
presidential election -i didnt like either candidate, bush is dumb kerry is a liar
indoor tanning -never tried it, would like to
abortion - i would never have one but i think it should be the womans choice especially if there is a possibility the birth would put the woman or child in danger
rating communities-if im applying obviously i like them, they are useful, they are honest 


community related


how did you find us? search
promote to 2 places and show proof (links):
what makes you dazzling and why should we accept you? i dont know if i am dazzling, i have a nice stomach and nice eyes for them being brown and all. if i get accepted id like to know, and if i dont get accepted i would love to know if there is any way to improve


show us 3 CLEAR pictures of yourself (no nude please)
horrible mercy.
emo pics
body shots
right right, well sorry alot are contrasted it wasnt to hide anything it was just cuz i thought it looked cool at the time and is the only way i saved them.
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