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Name: Meredith
Age/birthday: 15 - July 27th 1989
Location: Arizona
Sexuality: I like MEN

About You

what do you do for fun? Swim, hangout with friends, read, write poetry
do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/ (if you have a picture of them, post it here) Nope
favorite bands/singers (x3) NIN, Greenday, Korn
favorite movies (x3)
favorite tv shows (x3) THe simpsons, south park, jerry springer
favorite stores (x3) Paltos, Buffaloexchange, industrial
if you could meet any celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be? kurt!!!
name 3 things you can't live without: a shower, my stufted animals, the internet
describe yourself in 3 words: CRAZY, funny, strange
tell us a secret:


drugs Hell no! they are stupid
religion im christian
presidential election go bush
indoor tanning its fake, people who do it are fake, and i have no respect for them ;)
abortion ITS WRONG!!!!!!
rating communities they are FUN!

community related

how did you find us? by SEARCHING under intirests
promote to 2 places and show proof (links):
what makes you dazzling and why should we accept you? *muah*

show us 3 CLEAR pictures of yourself (no nude please)

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