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my application! mwuh!


Name: Jill
Age/birthday: 14  3/9/90
Location:  MA
Sexuality: straight

About You

what do you do for fun?  movies, downtown, mall, the usual..
do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/ (if you have a picture of them, post it here) no but im almost getting back together with my x..
favorite bands/singers - the used, taking back sunday, atreyu
favorite movies - the exorcist, session 9, ladder 49
favorite tv shows - C.S.I, life as we know it, the real world
favorite stores - hollister, delias, abercrombie
if you could meet any celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be? kurt cobain!
name 3 things you can't live without: cell phone, straightener, my friends ;)
describe yourself in 3 words: crazy, self-concious, love-driven
tell us a secret: i get stuck in the past alot, and i miss things and people that other people would never remember, and people who would never miss me.


drugs : be mature if you do it and dont get in trouble.. but yeah make your own desicions WISELY!
religion : nadda .. but its your opinion , its good for some people..and its a free country and you should be practicing whatever you want
presidential election : go bush !! i think hes a much better president and can run the country with much more organization than kerry..DEMOCRACY ALWAYS!
indoor tanning : i <3 it.. i just wouldnt do it all year round, cancer. but its your own body at risk.
abortion : i dont like it at all.. i would never kill a baby, if you made the "mistake" of getting pregnant you need to step up and take full responsibility for it, even if it means much sacrifice on your part, dont deny a baby the right to live because its inconvenient for you, thats very selfish
rating communities : much more fun than ones who let everyone in, even if your regected!

community related

how did you find us? under an interest search
promote to 2 places and show proof (links):

what makes you dazzling and why should we accept you? because im crazy, but id fit in with you girlies! or it seems like it!

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