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Name: Maggie Rogers

Age/birthday: October 22, 1989

Location: Wayne, New Jersey

Sexuality: Heterosexual


About You


what do you do for fun? Dance, skiing, gymnastics, art, rowing, talking…

do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/ (if you have a picture of them, post it here) Currently unattached

favorite bands/singers (x3) Taking back Sunday, Head Automatica, The Ataris

favorite movies (x3) The Breakfast Club, Ferris Buelers Day Off, Dirty Dancing

favorite tv shows (x3) Quintuplets, The Real World, The OC

favorite stores (x3) Abercrombie&Fitch, Hollister, Urban Outfitters

if you could meet any celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be? Ryan Pinkston, hes may be little but hes soo funny!

name 3 things you can't live without:  friends .. music.. Fruit2O

describe yourself in 3 words:  Outgoing, Funny, Motivated

tell us a secret: hmmm … when I was little I had cancer and lost my best friend, I don’t tell many people that, so that’s a secret – not a happy one, but it is a secret ..




drugs: there are no reasons whatt-so-ever to do drugs,  unless your taking like headache medicine like Advil because those are technically considered a drug.

religion you should be able to practice what ever religion you want, it is a free country

presidential election Although I cant vote, I am anti-bush, just for his views and the way he expresses what he feels about everything, I watched all the debates so far .. and I think that kerry is a better candidate.

indoor tanning You should be able to take your own risks, and all indoor tanning solons should inform you that what you are doing could result in death from skin cancer.

abortion Having a baby is a consequence of having unprotected sex and like all other things you should deal with the consequences.. but in some cases like in rape situations, abortion should be an option.

rating communities you should only apply to them if you can take critism, but besides that theyre awesome


community related


how did you find us? Through peachymelon531

promote to 2 places and show proof (links):





what makes you dazzling and why should we accept you? I’ll post my vote, im a good promoter, I have a positive attitude towards myself and others, and im always happy to help someone out


show us 3 CLEAR pictures of yourself (no nude please)

ON THE left ^ ..

all the way to the left ^ ..

haha sorry this was a joke with a friend .. i dont have many pictures of myself online,

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