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Name: mary kate
Age/birthday: 14. January 12 1990
Location: Kenmore
Sexuality: Female

About You

what do you do for fun? go out with friends. concerts.
do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/ i have a boyfriend dave.
favorite bands/singers (x3) EMINEM, brand new, taking back sunday
favorite movies (x3) Thirteen, Half Baked, 13 Going on 30
favorite tv shows (x3) Newlyweds, Pimp my Ride, Simple Life
favorite stores (x3) Hot Topic, Hollister, Delias
if you could meet any celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be? EMINEM!!!
name 3 things you can't live without: cell phone, camera, my puppy
describe yourself in 3 words: different, symathetic, gullabal
tell us a secret: I never really thought I was pretty, EVER. However, I hope if I'm excepted to this community I can regain cofidence.


drugs- their okay for once in a while.
religion- i respect other peoples beliefs.
presidential election- FUCK BUSH
indoor tanning- beautiful<33
abortion-i hate it. i think everyone desereves to live.
rating communities??

community related ??

how did you find us? on a search under beauty
promote to 2 places and show proof (links): ??
what makes you dazzling and why should we accept you? I heard my smile & my personality are amazing && my mix of green and blue eyes make guys crazy =] Thats why I think I should be excepted.

show us 3 CLEAR pictures of yourself (no nude please)

im in the middle^^


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